Before-School Program


September 2021 Before School Calendar

St. Anthony's Before School Program is designed to meet our parents' different needs and schedules. It provides a warm, safe, fun environment for your children at the beginning of their school day. In addition, supervised games and playtime allow your children to socialize and interact with their peers.

The program will not be available during the month of January  When the program is offered it runs Monday through Friday, 6:45am to 8:00am. During school vacations, holidays, and snow days the BSP is closed.

$6.00 per day per child - - calendar/discounted rate
$7.00 per day per child - - drop-in rate

Daily rates apply regardless of drop-off time
Parents can use the BSP monthly calendar to schedule specific dates . The BSP calendar is available in the school office each month, or can be downloaded directly from the school website. The calendar and payment must be returned by the due date in order for the discounted rates to apply. The drop-in rate of $7 per day will apply if the calendar is not returned on time, or if you drop off your child on a day not indicated on the calendar.
Once the calendar is submitted, you may not switch days or receive a refund for days not attended.

To pay online, click here.

Parents who do not utilize the calendar, and wish to use the drop-in rate, must pay at the time they drop off their child(ren). If a balance remains unpaid, a late fee may be charged. 

We hope that you understand that these strict payment schedules and regulations are necessary in order to run an efficient program; we thank you in advance for all your understanding and cooperation.

After-School Program

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St. Anthony's After School Program is designed to offer a safe, fun, and enriching experience for your children. Our goal is to provide students with various educational opportunities as well as positive social interactions with their peers. 

Program Schedule & General Information
The program runs Monday through Friday until 5:30 p.m. On half days, it begins at 12:00 and ends at 5:30 p.m. The ASP is closed during school vacations, holidays and snow days. 

Please refer to the ASP handbook for more details. You may also contact Mrs. Granfone, or call the school office if you have any questions. 

To pay online, click here.

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