School Mission

Saint Anthony School is a diverse community grounded in faith and tradition. We learn and live by Catholic principles and strive for academic excellence.

St. Anthony School Strategic Plan: 2019-2023

School Mission

Our Philosophy

St. Anthony School is dedicated to providing a program that aims to develop the academic  potential of its students. The school endeavors to provide a strong academic program while integrating values as an essential part of the learning environment.  

As an educational community, St. Anthony School is committed to creating an atmosphere for learning. We strive to provide solid academic standards and the integration of faith with learning into our daily lives. The school has a spirit of compassion and understanding where the dignity of every individual is a unique concern.        
Our teaching and learning are based on the belief that educational opportunities should be balanced to help students develop an inquiring intellect and a strong social conscience. Saint Anthony School challenges the physical, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our students in order to inspire and prepare them to meet the challenges they will face in the future.

St. Anthony School strives to be:

A life-giving community where students, parents and staff are:
Affirmed as God’s image and challenged to “fullness of life”
Respected and taught to respect self, others and creation
Prepared to fulfill their human rights and responsibilities.
A life-giving community
Of welcome and inclusion toward all
Of caring for each other and for all others
Of justice and compassion 
Within the school and outward to the world.

A life-giving community that nurtures:
Good disciples of Jesus – with identity in and commitment to the church
Good citizens – committed to the “common good” of all humankind
The virtues and values of Christians in every context.
A life-giving community whose curriculum
Fosters partnership and cooperation
Creates conversation and active participation
Educates students to think for themselves –
but in a community of wisdom and a tradition of faith.


St. Anthony School is accredited through Cognia (click here).