School History

Saint Anthony Church opened its doors on April 1st, 1928, to meet the needs of the increasing Italian population living in Everett at the time. The Church's original mission was to meet the spiritual and temporal needs of those immigrants. 
As the population of immigrants increased, it was necessary to establish a school to meet the educational needs of the children living in the parish. Therefore, in September 1958, St. Anthony School was opened with the first two grades. Each year additional grades were added, so that by September 1963, there were eight grades. Eventually, the Kindergarten and Preschool were opened. Originally, the Franciscan Sisters of Alleghany, New York, staffed St. Anthony School. Today the faculty consists of lay teachers. 
Since its inception, the school's population has changed and now reflects the diverse population living in the surrounding communities. The primary focus of the school continues to be to educate all students, regardless of economic status, religious and/or racial diversity.